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Recently over the last few months I have acquired a taste for Rooibos. When I first started to drink Rooibos, I would usually drink it with milk and sugar but now I drink Rooibos on its own with no milk or sweeteners. My feedback regarding Rooibos is that I think it is a great product because of the antioxidants, minerals and the health benefits in Rooibos and it is refreshing. Since Rooibos is caffeine-free, it is a good alternative to coffee and I can have many cups of Rooibos with no limit.

Connor Venmore, Ashburton, New Zealand

I am an epileptic and take Tegratol tablets daily. Although the fits are under control and I haven’t had a seizure in years, I still suffer dizzy spells and disorientation once or twice a week. Since I moved from ordinary tea to Rooibos the symptoms have all but disappeared. I can highly recommend it. Thank you to Rooibos. 

Ernst Blommestijn, South Africa

Good day ROOIBOS… just one word… WONDERFULL!!!! I love your newsletters. It is ALWAYS SO interesting and ALL the new products! Also LOVE the recipes. I normally start my day with BLACK ROOIBOS and first thing at the office is (I am addicted to) the Kiddies Strawberry & Vanilla tea. Cannot wait to try the new Apple flavour. Well keep it up.. my daughter usually makes her own rooibos ice tea at university and maybe she can one day do research for you. 

Hantie van Jaarsveld, Auckland Park, South Africa

I have suffered from pre-cancerous bladder polyps for many years. It was about 4 years ago that my urologist stood at the end of my bed and said “I have just been through you records. You’ve been coming to me for 10 years and think it’s time we should think about removing your bladder.” The thought of this, as you can well imagine, was pretty devastating. I had heard somewhere that Rooibos was good for all sorts of things, so I did a bit of research on the internet and this backed up the “rumours”. I bought my very first box of Freshpak. At first I wasn’t so keen on the taste, which has now changed completely. I only drink Freshpak now. I started off with having just one cup first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This has grown to basically only drinking it. What was amazing to me – six months later I had another scope. My urologist stood at the end of my bed again and looked at me and said: “I can’t believe what I have just seen. Your bladder is the cleanest I have ever seen it in 10 years.” I attribute this to Rooibos. I haven’t had a polyp since those day. Well that is not entirely true – I did have a very small one which was brought on by the stress of going through a divorce after a 38 years marriage. But I have great faith in Rooibos. I travel and work outside of South Africa – currently working in Mongolia. The first thing I pack is a huge box of Rooibos. I also have a couple of friends in Mongolia. One is a cardiologist (she was a big green tea drinker). I gave her some of my Rooibos and now she drinks it all day. One of my Chinese colleagues has also been converted. The main problem is sourcing Rooibos in these countries. I normally take back a couple of big boxes of Rooibos. I suppose what I wanted to say was: “Thank you…Rooibos has saved my bladder!”

James Dowden, Mongolia

I have always loved Rooibos tea. It was only recently though that I got introduced to the soap and skincare products. I am a long-time psoriasis sufferer and the soap has greatly improved my condition. It is now a must have item in my house. Thanks for the great work.

Jill Jephthah, South Africa

I started drinking Rooibos because I know it calms my nerves, but to my surprise it had a significant effect on my asthma. I am now not taking any medications at all!!!!! It also lowers my blood-pressure.

Carl Jordison, Sweden

Ek was ‘n tabakboer in Rhodesië, 1958. My dogter het op die ouderdom van so 11 – 12 maande siek geword. Geen voeding wat sy ingeneem het, het binne gebly nie. Die dokters was raadop. Ons het alles probeer – bokmelk, beesmelk, donkiemelk en die kruiedokters was genadiglik onsuksesvol. Iemand in Suid-Afrika het my laat weet ek moet die kind Rooibostee gee. Ek het dit dadelik laat opvlieg, want dit was nie in Rhodesië verkrygbaar nie. Ek het ‘n vriend in die lugdiens gehad wat my dadelik kon help en binne 24 uur was my eerste twee pakkies Rooibostee by my. Dadelik was daar ‘n verbetering. Die kos het binne gebly en die gehuil het minder geword. Binne ses weke was alle probleme verby. Dankie aan Rooibos – dit het my kind se lewe gered.

Bobby de Villiers, Suid-Afrika

In 1989/90 I’d been advised to go caffeine free for health reasons. Herbal infusions & teas didn’t quite hit the spot. A friend introduced me to Rooibos in 2001. She used to add some Madura Tea. I tried it ‘neat’ & have been drinking this wonderful tea in its unadulterated form, since 2003, I particularly enjoy the Organic Wild Rooibos variety. I also enjoy cooking with Rooibos, especially as an additional ingredient to my home-made soups!

Sue, York, UK

Personally I am very much fond of Rooibos tea and have made it to be my daily drink, little that I knew it helped clean my blood and improved my blood pressure. I want to encourage everybody to be more aware of this healthy drink. In the meantime I began to think to import this excellent product to my country.

Seraya Shimon Nahum, Jerusalem, Israel

I save my used Rooibos teabags in a sealed container and when my pot plants need watering I toss all the used teabags into the watering can, squeeze the teabags thoroughly and then use that “tea water” on my plants. They are thriving.

Edwina Coetzer, Cape Town, South Africa

I introduce myself as Pronoy Mukherjee, Manager at K-link Health Care, India. All of us in our family are consuming Rooibos for a long time and we are overwhelmed with the effect of it. I have a pet dog who is 12 years old. Recently the doctor diagnosed that it is suffering from Parkinson disease. It used to tremble most of the day. Since I knew that Rooibos is very effective for central nervous system, Parkinson disease etc., I started giving my pet Rooibos regularly. It is surprising to note that within 2/3 days it stopped trembling. It may be noted here that I didn’t give him any medicine as suggested by the doctor.

Pronoy Mukherjee, India

I have worked in Indonesia for the past 9 years and have therefore privileged to meet people from all over the nation. The people of Irian Jaya have an extreme problem with bad body odour. I started giving them Rooibos tea to drink and after only 3 months they had absolutely no body odour and they also acknowledged that their body was function better and as well as their stomach and kidneys, This made such an impression on them and they always ask if I brought their tea. 

Paul du Plessis, Jakarta, Indonesia

I discovered Rooibos about 15 years ago as I wanted a caffeine free tea. I was elated when I tried Rooibos as the taste is just amazing. I had tried other teas but just did not enjoy them at all. I do not know what I would do if Rooibos was not available to me. I went to Sweden recently and ran out of Rooibos. I went searching the shops to buy some in blind panic. Rooibos is the only tea I drink and could not imagine my day without it. It has helped me in many ways, especially with my digestion, and it soothes me. What a wonderful plant God has blessed us with – and what a wonderful tea for us to enjoy!

Yvette Rendell, Nottingham, UK

As a diabetic with neuropathy, I have difficulty sleeping and tire easily. I drink about twelve ounces of Rooibos in the evening before going to bed. I sleep better now, am much calmer and have more energy. I also drink Rooibos during the day. I love it!!! 

Paul Lemay, Florence, MA, USA

After two major accidents my spine is badly damaged. After drinking Rooibos for two months my pain level has reduced to almost zero and I walk without a cane now. My hair is also softer, fuller and beautiful! My fingernails, which snap off so easily in winter, have not broken once this winter. Just three cups of Rooibos a day, and my life has changed. I now run a tea store and specialize in Rooibos!

Sandra B, Golden, Canada

My eight month old baby has been suffering from skin problems since his birth. I was introduced to Rooibos about a month ago. We use it for his baths. The skin problem has been reduced a lot. It is noticeably “cleaner” and less irritated. Thanks to Rooibos!

Esther Joung, Seoul, Korea

I just want to say I love Rooibos. It is fantastic! 

Dean Wright, Australia

On reaching menopause I developed an irregular heartbeat. When this was investigated by my doctor, I was told there was no problem with my heart (after several ECGs) and that nothing could be done. I suspected that caffeine was the problem, so I stopped drinking tea and coffee, and drank fruit teas instead, but didn’t get the same enjoyment – I was missing my ‘good old cuppa’. A friend introduced me to Rooibos and I have drunk it ever since. I never get the irregular heartbeat now and I always enjoy my Rooibos cup of tea!

Sue Edwards, Aberdeen, Scotland

I had a gorgeous baby boy five months ago. Although he was perfect and in excellent health, he suffered from very bad cradle cap and eczema. I tried EVERYTHING on the market. I then tried bathing him in Rooibos – with amazing results. I didn’t use soap at all, but rubbed his head and his entire body with some Rooibos bags. By the end of the week the cradle cap had disappeared and his eczema was remarkably better. To add to everything, he loves licking up the drops that land on his face, of course seeing the bags floating would excite him. He will grab it – and then suck the little bag contently. I will suggest it for any new mom! The advantages are endless!

Claudia Schindlers, Johannesburg, South Africa

I just discovered this great drink!!! Thanks to a friend. I am really happy and I love Rooibos a lot!!! Thanks.

Stefania Cometto, Largs, Scotland

I work in the “Almaty tea” company, Kazakhstan. Our company is distributing Rooibos in Kazakhstan. In my opinion it is an amazing product. I cannot imagine my life without it.

Botagoz, Almaty, Kazakhstan

There’s nothing I like better than relaxing with a cup of tea, but caffeine keeps me awake at night. Since I cut all the caffeine out of my diet and started drinking only Rooibos, I sleep purrrfectly. I now have plenty of energy during the day. Persevere, because it takes a while to flush all the stimulants out of your system. I believe there are many people with sleep disorders who are, like me, sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, but don’t know it. I really like the bushy edge in the flavour and have been drinking only Rooibos for six years. 

Chris, Sydney, Australia

Rooibos has always been my favorite tea since I can remember. Now that I have children of my own, they too enjoy drinking Rooibos hot or as iced tea I make at home. Thanks to Rooibos we all have one thing in common – we all enjoy our Rooibos!!!!!!

Amelia Lubbe Rodrigues, Lisbon, Portugal

My husband has had hereditary very high blood pressure all of his life. Even blood pressure medication couldn’t keep it under control. Several months ago he started drinking Rooibos in large amounts. For the first time in his life, his blood pressure is normal, and he no longer needs to take blood pressure medication. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself – amazing.

Christi Hanner, Ely, USA

I’m a very nervous person. Since I drink Rooibos, I feel calmer.

Carmen Castro, Madrid, Spain

Till one month ago, I didn’t know anything about Rooibos. I knew and drank only fruit tea. Now, I feel great after each cup of Rooibos I consume.

An’e Barle, Ljubljana, Slovenia



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